British Storytelling

Elevated, professional, and completely comforting – Lillian Rachel is the British Storyteller ready to take your voiceover up a notch. Lillian has compelling confidence with a friendly, graceful charm that’s wonderfully disarming. She’s naturally articulate and adds a distinctive flair to all her work. 

Born in the UK, Lillian grew up in East Anglia and later moved north to Durham. She then married a US military man and spent time hopping across the pond to North America and back to Europe, with many side trips to other countries along the way. Her natural British Estuary accent is widely accessible to audiences from all over, and because of her travels, she can also easily deliver a range of British accents, as well as genuine Trans-Atlantic in a smooth and engaging way. 

Lillian is an authentic storyteller at heart; in fact, there’s not much she loves more than telling stories. From fearless warriors to mums next door, Lillian appreciates any opportunity to enter another world and dig into the subtext. She’s an experienced audiobook narrator with a number of satisfied clients who have noted her remarkable talent to “bring each quip, and each twist and turn, to life” and to “lead listeners to lean in and hold onto her every word.” With Lillian, you can trust your story is in good hands. 

A current resident of Washington D.C. and soon-to-be resident of bright and sunny California, Lillian works from her professional-grade home studio equipped with industry-best technology. Outside the booth, she’s a wife, mum, dog rescuer, and lover of perfect pastries. 

For storytelling that’s elegant, authentic, and expertly told, work with Lillian Rachel today. She’s the British Storyteller sure to be your cup of tea.